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Gum Treatment & Hygiene

Gum Treatment & Hygiene

The key to great teeth and a beautiful smile starts with healthy gums. At ALMANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE we offer periodontal procedures such as gum re-contouring and scalling in order to treat gum bleeding and infection and enhance your overall health.


Scaling, or professional dental teeth cleaning, removes plaque and tartar deposits that have built up on the teeth in order to reduce the danger of cavities and gum disease. For effective oral hygiene Scaling should be done every six months.


Great for smokers and coffee and tea drinkers, AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER’s Polishing treatment removes stains as well as smoothens the surface of the teeth in order to reduce future staining.

Laser Periodontal Therapy & Curettage

Laser periodontal therapy and Curettage is a non-surgical procedure used to treat periodontal (gum) diseases. The treatment removes the bacteria and the diseased underlining tissues that can occur in the pockets around the tooth in order to allow the gum to heal.