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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER is equipped with the latest digital technologies and offers a team of dedicated experts that are experienced in performing a wide range of dental surgery procedures with professionalism and care.


An implant is an artificial tooth that is placed inside the jaw to replace a missing tooth or to support a bridge or a denture, over which a prosthetic tooth is placed. At AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE we use the preoperative planning software to accurately plan and guide the placement of Struman ITI dental implants in multiple implant cases. A full diagnosis and treatment plan is agreed with you and a suitable type and size of implant is selected. Our state of the art implantology technology allows AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE to safely complete your implant procedure in one visit.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom tooth, or the third molar, is a tooth that can create a lot of problems. Firstly, it usually does not have enough space to erupt, which can affect the surrounding gums, as well as cause decay in the adjacent teeth. At AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE a Wisdom Tooth Extraction is usually done under a local anaesthesia, however if all wisdom teeth need to be removed at once, then a general anaesthesia may be required.


Perio-Surgery is recommended when persistent gum disease is not sufficiently treated by other non-surgical methods. Perio-Surgery is minor surgery that may involve Bone Grafting or Gum Grafting. If you think you may suffer from a persistent chronic gum disease, please call 1760666 and ask for a consultation with our surgeon.

Bone Augmentation

Chronic Gum disease and the prolonged use of dentures can result in bone loss from the jaw. Bone augmentation is a procedure used to build up the bone in the jaw, particularly around implants and involves using bone from the patient or a synthetic substitute.


Laser has entered most fields of dentist and made it more simple and less traumatic. Laser is a tool used by the dentist to facilitate treatments such as root canal treatment, cosmetic, surgery, gum treatment, tooth whitening and fillings.