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Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis


Dentures are plates of artificial teeth that are used to replace lost teeth. Patients may need a complete set of dentures or a partial denture when some of the teeth are missing. Dentures are made out of either hard acrylic or softer, more flexible materials and AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER will help you choose the right denture that is most appropriate and comfortable for you.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are fixed prosthetics that are used to cover a Root Canal treated tooth or badly broken tooth or used to replace missing teeth. There are a number of different types of Crowns and Bridges to choose from and AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE will help you choose the best option for you.

Inlay & Onlay

Inlay and onlays are prosthetics that are made from gold, composite or porcelain, and are indirectly bonded to the tooth. Inlay and onlays are prescribed when a patient has a tooth that is partial damaged but not to the extent that it requires a Crown. The Inlay is bonded inside the tooth where as the Onlay is bonded inside and around the tooth and is supported by the existing tooth’s structure.


An implant is an artificial tooth that is placed inside the jaw to replace a missing tooth or to support a bridge or a denture, over which a prosthetic tooth is placed. At AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE we use the preoperative planning software to accurately plan and guide the placement of Struman ITI dental implants in multiple implant cases. A full diagnosis and treatment plan is agreed with you and a suitable type and size of implant is selected. Our state of the art implantology technology allows AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE to safely complete your implant procedure in one visit.