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Your child first dental visit

Your child first dental visit

Your child’s first trip to the dentist must not be traumatic. Therefore we are patient, understanding and deals well with children.

Children should first visit a dentist by their first birthday as dental problems can start even at an early age. Young teeth are especially vulnerable to tooth decay. We check for early signs of tooth decay, remove tartar (hardened plaque), and make sure that the teeth are properly aligned with no signs of jaw malformation.

There are other things you can do to make the first visit less of a hassle and more of a pleasant experience.

  1. Never scare your children when preparing them for dental visits. Never tell your child “do not be afraid”.
  2. Do a “practice run”. Visit the dental office with your child before the actual visit, during this “practice run” your child can acquaint himself with this new environment and meet the new dentist.
  3. You can prepare your child with having a dentist “meddle” inside their mouth by wiping their gums clean or brushing their teeth on a regular basis. With this, they will become accustomed to an adult working on their teeth and gums.

Visit us for a consultation and we will take care of your child’s teeth.