Fullwidth FAQs

Its my first visit to the dentist and I am afraid, what do I do?

All what you need to do is to address this when taking your appointment, and do tell the dentist or your first visit. We at Al Mansoori Dental Centre will discuss your fears and worries and help you out your anxiety.

How many times do I need to do dental cleaning in my life?

Professional dental cleaning should be done twice a year, this is every 6 months. Al MANSOORI DENTAL CENTRE  we advice our patients depending on their hygiene status and medical condition. Some diseases such as diabetes require more frequent dental visits.

When is the best age for me to bring my kid to have his first visit?

The first dental visit should be with the first tooth erupting in the kids mouth. That is in the age of 6-8 months approximately. At AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER  we advice the mother to come with her child before the tooth erupt to have a throw discussion of how to take care of the teeth of her child.

Is tooth whitening painful and cause sensitivity?

Tooth whitening is a non painful procedure if the case is indicated and the dentist followed the safety measure during the procedure.  Sensitivity can occur after the procedure but for a short time. Always book an consultation visit at AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER to ask the dentist is your are a suitable case.

How many years can a dental veneer last?

Veneers can last for a long time 10-15 years. Regular check ups for maintenance is important. Bad oral habits like chewing on hard objects or food can cases their fracture. Neglecting oral hygiene can also cause veneer failure.

How many visits does root canal require?

Root canal treatment can be finished in one visit with a well experienced dentist. In some cases where the tooth is infected, several visits are required to make sure that the infection has healed.

Is dental treatment safe during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe as long as the mothers health is good. The best period to receive dental treatment is in the middle trimester ( the 4th -6th moth of pregnancy).