AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility and works to add value to the community in which it operates. At AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER we consider prevention to be better than a cure, and believe it is our responsibility to raise community awareness on the importance of good oral health and hygiene.

School Program

Good health and hygiene practices must begin early. AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER are passionate about educating our children on the importance of oral health and hygiene and run a number of school dental care programs. These programs include school group visits to the AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER as well as offering educational talks by AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER staff at schools.

The AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER school programs are fun, educational initiatives that are changing the way thousands of school children think about the dentist.
Through humor and interactive discussions, AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER school program coordinators have found that the programs achieve the following: -

  1. Children see the dentist as a friendly, fun environment and want to get the chance to sit in the dental chair!
  2. Children’s fear of the dentist is reduced as they are familiarized with the dental equipment and its uses.
  3. Children are excited to visit the dentist after the program, resulting in early diagnosis and treatment of any oral issues.

As well as learning about the dentist and good oral hygiene, children will be examined, and a full report will be given to your child about his dental condition.

The program has proven immensely successful with Grades 1-5 with parents of children who bring the child with the report to AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER offered a 15% discount on treatments.
For further information on how your school can be a part of the AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER Educational Program please call 17760666.


AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER makes your child’s visit to the dentist fun– and that’s the way it should be! Because Children’s teeth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay, it is important to take your child to the dentist by their first birthday, or even before.

AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER offers experienced and caring pediatric dental specialists who will keep your child calm and happy throughout their check up. The Dentist will look for early signs of tooth decay, remove any hardened plaque that has built up, and make sure that your child’s teeth are properly aligned and the jaw is developing well.

Good oral health and hygiene habits need to start early in life, and AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER is committed to instilling in your child healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Parent Tips

Do Visit AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER just to say ‘hi’ to your child’s new Dentist before the appointment. This will help your child can become familiar with the new surroundings.

Do not tell your child “don’t be afraid” or “it won’t hurt”, as these words will only increases your child’s fear and anxiety.

Do brush your child’s teeth regularly and ask them to open their mouth while you ‘take a look inside’. This will get your child used to having an adult look and touch inside their mouth and prepare them for the Dentist.

Do visit AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER before your child experiences any dental pain.